There is no heaven on earth but pieces of it

There is no heaven on earth but pieces of it is the Rolls Royce of coffee table book and is ideally suited as a Christmas present  for the socially minded. From a limited edition of 500 copies, there are only 200 left so put in your order before it’s to late. As this project helps disadvantaged children in Africa, in particular in Namibia, we’re aiming to sell them before the 15th December to be able to provide the children with a nice Christmas present. 

Send your orders to: 

New Investment in "Deutsche Mittelstandsschutz"

Kabena proudly announces its investment in Deutsche Mittelstandsschutz, a German startup company. 

Through a change in the German legislation, the company has identified a brand new market with more than 3 million potential Clients in the occupational health and safety business sector. 

The company has created a one stop shop solution, and has set up a German network to serve the new market.

Kabena is committed to supporting the company’s growth and digital strategy. 

official sponsor of the Sister Charity organization

As of 1st of October, Kabena is an official sponsor of the Sister Charity organisation. 

We‘re proud to be a part of and to help Indian women and girls in rural regions to change their lives.

When Gero Reimers, founder of Sister, spoke to Karl Benno about his tremendous work in India, Karl Benno was so moved by the great work the small charity group was doing, that he decided straight away to sponsor and expand their activities there.

3D Seismic underway at Hogback

Update on Hogback Helium Field — Our oil wells have been producing oil since December 2018 and the company is turning a good profit. We‘re currently carrying out the 3D state-of-the art seismic of the Hogback field (see pictures). After having collected and analyzed the data we expect to start drilling for helium in Q1 / 2020.

Demand for Helium is Exploding

According to an article in the gasworld Magazine of 25th April demand for helium is set to increase dramatically. Currently Asia has overtaken the US helium consumption, and China alone represents around a third of global helium demand, and it’s highly probable that the Asia-Pacific market will grow annually by 5-8% over the next five years. 

Is China now the biggest market for Helium?