About Kabena

Give up the good to go for the great. We are the conduit, bringing together ideas, innovation, experts and capital. If you look behind the facade, you’ll see financial entrepreneurs with insight, and a unique modus operandi. We grasp business opportunities, and embrace them with a passion and commitment rarely seen in the field of finance. We’re visionaries who create opportunities which not only generate high yields but also — and more importantly — make the world a better place.

What we do

Our investment philosophy has a global holistic approach. We focus on infrastructure, renewables, primary materials and real estate. We execute smart plans that secure long-term wealth preservation. Regardless of how unique a venture may be, it still needs to be financed and orchestrated; and how this is done has a great impact on a project’s performance going forward. Leveraging impact using smart financing is one of the ways we fulfill our first principle; Do More with Less.

Think deeper 

Water Hyacinth
Sustainable Infrastructures
Primary Materials
Real Estate
Direct Lending
Art Meets Charity

The power of independence

We’re unaffiliated and flexible. We don’t have shareholders to answer to, nor do we deviate from our core principles. This allows us to innovate more. Through individual involvement and close tracking with every investment stage, we’ve found novel, yet safe ways of investing capital. We mitigate risks by acquiring as many guarantees as possible. In times of volatile stock exchanges and erratic capital markets, transparent individual investments are becoming more interesting than ever.

Well known projects & players
Well known target investments
Trackable money paths
Clear sources of return on capital
Fixed investment period
Calculable risks from the outset
No risk caused by investors behaving irrationally
Crisis secured resilient investments

Enabling & Growth

Extraordinary opportunities need unique approaches and innovative solutions. We see every opportunity equally and have learned through experience that there’s always more potential in each project than initially planned. It doesn’t take much to exploit this potential. We apply our two principles, From Good to Great and, Do More with Less, to turn a mediocre project into a magical one that even you will fall in love with. Through our skills pool and the extensive network developed over decades, we have powerful resources at out fingertips which we can access to achieve our objectives.


Filtering Ideas

We have a stringent screening process which we apply to all the projects that come our way. Sustainability, harmony with nature, and long-term prosperity are key in deciding which venture to undertake.


Each action has its right moment. Our ability to react quickly allows us to capture perfect timing for each stage of a project to achieve momentum and exert maximum leverage.

Forward Thinking

Small is not only beautiful, it allows us to exercise our open-mindedness and create innovative tailor-made solutions.

State of the art

We use top-tier structures and investments. This makes us independent from and consequently immune to financial market risks. We take rock-solid real asset investments and quickly generate long-term, high performance yields.


We undertake only the projects we can fall in love with. Heart and passion drive our commitment.


We create business opportunities. In doing so, we act as a conduit, bringing together ideas, innovation, experts and capital. The Kabena cosmos is like a toolbox containing experts committed to excellence with strategies and opportunities to ignite the drive towards a new, sustainable and faster growing world.


The trust and loyalty that exists in our team, makes our ventures rock solid. And through steadfast commitment to our principles coupled with the excellent results we produce, we instill trust in others.


Every beginning has its inevitable end. But when we close, our cogwheels start to turn. We always think beyond the closing to capitalize on new opportunities that may emerge.


We always think long-term. But when looking into the future, we never forget our origins: we can learn from the past as we do from nature. We move financial capital towards real sustainable capital and invest in true impacts for a common future.

Flexible & Scalable

Sustainable growth even beyond initial project targets occurs only if the right foundations have been laid from its conception. A well-prepared venture can easily be rescaled, and implemented globally. This introduces a level of flexibility that enables us to realize our From Good to Great principle.

Reliable Relationships

Nature is the best source of inspiration. Just as it is a few meters below the earth, where miles of roots and fungi stretch to form a super-intelligent network to exchange nutrients and information in symbiosis, we strive with our network. We have a network of dedicated experts with well-proven track records. Over years of careful selection and trust-building, we’ve amassed a team of professionals, each expert in their own specialist field.

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Kabena has a completely globalized network. We have experts spread all over the world, each one working within their own unique field of expertise. With the correct type of networking, a venture that has proven successful in one continent can be replicated in others. This is part of our Do More With Less principle, and it facilitates higher impact through greater scale.

You're either in or out. There's no in-between.

Our Selected Ventures

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