Karl Benno Nagy

CEO & Founder

Karl Benno Nagy has always been, and still is a passionate visionary and entrepreneur. The values held by his Kabena company – courage, love, passion and vision – form the solid foundations behind all his actions.

Down-to-earth and self-confident, Mr Nagy, launched a startup company in his hometown of Cologne directly after finishing school, and while studying Economics and Japanese Studies at university. The increasing demands on his time brought about by his growing business, meant that his studies had to give in. Putting his company first turned out to be the right choice for the great nephew of the Hungarian freedom fighter, Imre Nagy, as proven by the success of that first company which he sold 9 years later.

His drive towards independence, and the strive to shape business values to meet his own intrinsic principles, has always guided Karl. His Kabena company, which he set up in 2018, is the platform through which he realizes these ambitions. Through that vehicle, Karl Benno Nagy has systematically realized his objective of creating a better world with a sustainable circular economy, while adhering to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. At home in the world of such future markets as the HomaBay biogas market in Kenya, while constantly demanding sustainability, Karl Benno Nagy, with his small team and strong network, has become a successful value engineer in the field of sustainable infrastructure, impact investing, primary materials, digitization, and funding startups.