Rescuing Lake Victoria

What you see is not a grassland — it’s a lake.

Lake Victoria is Africa’s biggest fresh water lake with Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya as riparian countries and much more depending regions via the rivers emerging from the lake. Because of the lake’s vast size it plays a defining role in the climate of West Africa’s biosphere. Apparently a green, free-floating weed called water hyacinth tightly covers a huge area of the lake’s water surface. It hinders the penetration of sun rays into the water and therefore depletes dissolves oxygen. This causes a cascade of destructive effects to both: biodiversity and social well-being.

But sometimes it just takes a shift in perspective to turn a life-threatening weed into a source for clean energy, organic fertilizer and much more.Actually is turns out that biomass is much more economic viable as any other renewable energy source — of course if waste is used only!

Kabena partnered with Thika Way shifted their perspective exactly this way to rescue Africa’s biggest fresh water lake.

Homa Bay Biogas contributes to the Africa Chapter from Visions for Europe

Congratulations to the publishing of your brand new edition of „Visions For Europe“.
Besides the beauty of printer’s fine art, you guys from EuTech did a great job on filling this edition with a vast variety of visionary stories and directions about competitiveness, growth as well as sustainability.

Although the name may indicate it’s purpose would be all about Europe, their scope is much wider. In fact Europe’s partner continent is Africa, so they’re specially dedicated to what they call „The Africa Chapter“.

The vision of PlantBlue which begins with the venture of Homa Bay Biogas at Lake Victoria, Kenya, marks this quarter’s chapter. This story is really worth reading to experience true impact investing in a continent where doing business is challenging but meaningful and full of long-term benefits.

Sister: new school, new safespace

The Sister Organization's new school is now ready to be completed.

Thanks to some generous donations, plastering work will be finalized along with the set up of sanitation facilities and a neat outdoor kitchen to prepare delicious, vital meals to keep the girls healthy and vigorous — we all know learning can be quite tough sometimes.

I want to thank these donors from the bottom of my heart, of being a part of us on a journey to give girls in India a safe place to be.

Copper: setting up basecamp

Great progress has been made so far and more is just about to come. Currently, we’re setting up the basecamp in La Poderosa, Chile. So exciting!

Helium: the primary material behind tech, health and industrial production

There is a precious gas which drives the economies of tech, health and industrial production more than ever today — and we’re running out of it.

That’s why we are even happier about our early stage investment in helium as well as partnering with NACSO AG to focus on the noble gas back in 2017.